Print and Go Agenda for the Employee's 1st Day by Erin Colbert

Hey, Small(er) Businesses!!!

Onboarding is no longer optional! If you're not doing it, you're losing great employees to companies who are!!! 

Day 1 is CRITICAL for a new employee.

You get one shot at making that first day one that will either lead to loyalty or looking (at other employers!). Whether you realize it or not, you are competing for employees. And onboarding is part of THEIR shopping experience in the job market. 

If you don't get it right, you'll be spending all of your time hiring and training one employee after another. There is hope! You can use this plug-and-play onboarding system. Not only will setting them up right make them want to stay, they will be productive MUCH sooner, too!

Spend Less Time HIRING!!!

We've done all of the preparation. All you need to do is execute the plan! And, this is the SHORTEST path to success.

Follow this plan to spend LESS TIME and MONEY hiring new employees! 

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Includes an agenda for the employee's first day plus 2 shortcuts!

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In just one day, increase the odds they stay!

Print and Go Agenda for the Employee's 1st Day
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Print and Go Agenda for the Employee's 1st Day

Use this to double the great employees you keep.